Brazil Initiative Team & Partners
We are a network of faculty who have a common interest in Brazil and who have developed cutting-edge multidisciplinary research about the country.

Ph.D. students

Marillia KamilMarilia Kamil

Originally from Brazil, Marilia Kamil started her music career in São Paulo, where she studied a wide range of musical forms and styles, including early music, classical, jazz, Bossa Nova, and folk. She worked as a performer in orchestras and choirs, and specially, as a music teacher. During her undergraduate years she was awarded with a grant to conduct her own research. Living in the USA since 2012, she taught early childhood and instrumental instruction in New York city, general music in public and private schools in the Bay Area (CA), along with higher education courses. Her main research interests are early childhood, how music can affect and influence people, music cognition and psychology. She holds a BA in music education from the University of São Paulo, and a MA in music and music education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Kamil presented her work in different conferences in Brazil, Portugal, and USA.