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The Brazil Initiative at UM has a mission to advance the University of Miami’s mission by contributing to a prosperous and sustainable Brazil through scientific research, education and outreach programs in partnership with Brazilian organizations.
The College is a global leader driving research, discovery and innovation in Brazil and across the hemisphere.
Brazil Story

Expanding scholarship and research on South America

New interdisciplinary initiative seeks to create the foremost center for scientific research about Brazil.

Brazil Doctors

COVID-19 Observatory: Bungled response compounds misery in Brazil

The initiative has been tracking public health policy response data to determine how swift or lax implementation of mitigation efforts have impacted the spread of the virus in Latin American countries.


Ecologist has a passion for tropical trees

Mauro Galetti, the new arboretum director and associate professor, is a conservation ecologist with more than a decade of experience researching the rainforests.

Brazil Clinics

Delving into community health and HIV in Brazil

In a landmark study, a UM researcher determined that community involvement, coupled with federal funding, improved health outcomes in most municipalities in Brazil.