Brazil in the newsExpanding scholarship and research on South America

New interdisciplinary initiative seeks to create the foremost center for scientific research about Brazil.





Sustainable agriculture LandscapeA sustainable agricultural landscape model for tropical drylands

Prof. Silva and his colleagues from several universities in northeastern Brazil proposed a sustainable agriculture model for tropical drylands.  Read more in the full paper.




CaatingaCerrado and Caatinga: Two threatened South American regions

Elsevier has just published the Encyclopedia of the World's Biomes, a major reference work (5 volumes and 3,500 pages) that aims to describe the diversity of the world's natural regions. Together with Prof. Tom Lacher from Texas A&M University, Prof. Silva contributed two chapters: one on the Cerrado, the largest South American savanna, and another on the Caatinga, the largest Neotropical Dry Forest region. The expansion of human activities and climate change profoundly threaten the biodiversity of both biomes. Profs. Silva and Lacher outlined several suggestions on how societies living in these large regions could shift to a more sustainable development model.


Why Brazil is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemicWhy Brazil is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

In a webinar hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, experts discussed why the country has been impacted so deeply.





COVID-19 Observatory: Bungled response compounds misery in BrazilCOVID-19 Observatory: Bungled response compounds misery in Brazil

The initiative has been tracking public health policy response data to determine how swift or lax implementation of mitigation efforts have impacted the spread of the virus in Latin American countries.




Conservation and Development

Prof. Silva and Julie Topf, a Geography student, published a paper on the relationships between environmental conservation and development. They concluded that conservation is development and proposed a new narrative for the global conservation movement.


Ecologist has a passion for tropical treesEcologist has a passion for tropical trees

Mauro Galetti, the new arboretum director and associate professor, is a conservation ecologist with more than a decade of experience researching the rainforests.





cachoeira de santo antonio amapa paraProtected Areas do not constrain local economic growth in the Brazilian Amazon

Protected areas are designed by the government to protect both species and ecosystems which in turn provide multiple benefits to people, thus they are essential to sustainable development.




Funding gaps in Brazilian Protected Areas

Prof. Silva and colleagues published a paper estimating the funding gaps in Brazilian Protected Areas. They found that Brazil invested only 15.5 % of the funds required in its protected areas and that 76.5 % of Brazil’s federal protected areas have funding deficits.


Delving into community health and HIV in BrazilDelving into community health and HIV in Brazil

In a landmark study, a UM researcher determined that community involvement, coupled with federal funding, improved health outcomes in most municipalities in Brazil.